What If they stayed

On a lonely night I was extra sad. I thought to myself, “why had so many people left my life? How could they leave with no warning and never come back to see how I was doing? I thought for a split second something must be wrong with me! I’m cursed, I’m broken. What the hell do I do to make them all seem to leave? Then a thought came to me as small as a mustard seed…..what if they stayed? My eyes got big and my heart started to flutter at the thought. Then my mind went into a dream like state where they all stayed. 

I wondered would my heart still long for a mate! Would I still be jaded and think there wasn’t a kind soul? Would I forget the evil that had been done to me? Would my heart be filled. What would I be if they stayed? 

In my dream I had everyone I could ever want here. A mother , father and even the mates that deceived me. Friends that were untrue were here with me too. In this dream no one left they all stayed. No pain, no disappointment no longing in my heart. No crying for what would never be, what never was and what was over. They all stayed. They stayed they cheered me on I could not be defeated because all the ones I ever wanted in my life were here! This will not be a tale with a moral of i’m better off alone. The sad fact was I could only think to be content in a world where they stayed. 


New Year New Love

Happy New Year Loves. I pray dearly that everyone had a beautiful and blessed holiday. My desire is that we all take the time in the beginning of 2017 to reflect on the things we can and should change. Take the failures (if any) and disappointments of 2016 and turn them into your glory. Contrary to the beliefs of some the only advantage that 2017 has over 2016 is that it is a fresh start. We have 12 months to get it right. We have 12 months of glory ahead of us and this is going to be the beginning of the best times of our lives. Success has always been inside of us we just have to believe and manifest it. I must clear my conscience and admit that in 2016 I lost myself a little and in the process I lost my faith. I started the year with a hurt conscious and hardened heart and that is exactly the heart I continued to follow the remaining year. I was blessed to sell the light toward the very last days of 2016 and with that light a sense of peace has washed over me. I know this peace will be tested and so will my faith but my armor is strong as it has always been and I will use my knife of faith to cut through the confusion of the enemy. I cannot be swayed by non-believers, liars or those who chose to deceive. I will not be defeated by the hands of the enemy. Be strong my friends as we all have the power to carry out the plans of good or of evil. Choose love over hate, choose life over death and choose to be the hand of blessings. I love you and I am routing for us all.