Facts (one day)


The deep realization 

As I watch those close to me begin new journeys, jobs, relationships, children I sometimes day dream that one day that will be me. However when I dug deep into this thought I realized why this isn’t an option for me. Why? I simply have no more love to give. I gave it away to friendships, meaningless relationships, dreams that failed, youth that is fading and all I have left to offer the world is anger, sadness, defeat and wisdom. I’m not jaded and although it’s lonely it’s a loneliness I’ve chosen due to my reality.



It must hard to be you. It must be hard to be beautiful. To walk into a room and be studied by adoring eyes that also want to know what it’s like to live behind those captivating eyes. It must be hard to be loved. To be accepted and adored by everyone, no matter what you say or do there is always someone rooting for you. It must be hard to be smart. To make all the right moves. To ace every test put before you. I’d bet you probably hate always getting your way. Despise the world at your feet. Daddy’s little angel and even mommy can’t compete. It must be hard to be perfection. It must be hard to be everything. It must be hard to be YOU!