Blank Stares

As a parent, caregiver and teacher I have grown children of all ages and stages and I’ve noticed that this generation feels a bit more jaded. They have a look in their eye that comes from a life of hardship even if they haven’t had much. Ph.D.’s may call this disassociation. A coping method people use to get through trauma. Another reason is that few people know that we are not born knowing how to emulate emotions. These skills are taught, so if you are taught to bottle your emotions than its hard to understand highly emotional people and vice a versa. Another reason is because this is a society of lost innocence. Yeah yeah they say this every generation but this one is the ONE. Computers on our hip at 6 years old. We are living our life through a lenses and seeing too much to early. These kids are numb. Numb and uncaring. Selfish and numb.

 How many people have seen this face when trying to have a conversation with a teen? 

Numb I tell you. The blank stare tells it all.


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