Used hearts (part 2) 

Do you think that if we had the ability to project our pain on the one’s that caused it, we could change their heart in turn giving us satisfaction? Another question to think about is your belief in projection. The law of projection states that our way of thinking can and will be manifested into our present reality. Could this be the main cause of many broken unhealed hearts? If you did believe that the law of (pain) projection was the root cause of earthly pain could you turn the cheek towards the one who caused your pain? Or would you not care because they should feel what you felt? 

I’m not here to judge. My whole point is to ask my friends to think, thoroughly. When in crisis or trauma we seldom do this. I love you and I’m routing for us. 



  • We are all living in an era of lost love and instant gratification. No one wants to plant a seed, watch it bloom and continue to water it. Most will have an idea or a desire put in the hard work to startup then expect to see results the next day. This generation also seemly applauds new innovators that have taken old ideas and made them new again. Only to cast aside the elders they were once inspired by. What a time to be alive. A generation that offers kind words and at the same time harsh judgements. Anger instead of compassion. Opportunity instead of love. Segregation instead of unity. I am frustrated. Are you? 
  •  I do believe that there are a few honest and compassionate souls that are frustrated about the new world order as well. When you take the time to do your part, turn the other cheek, offering compassion, comfort and assistance without an incinctive or reward you can become jaded at the lack of appreciation. Not to mention exhausted as living right comes with little if any applause. 
  •  I’m not here to offer any solutions. All the information is out there. The solutions as well. I’m doing my part to keep the topic open. My desire is to make you aware and for those that are living and loving correctly and doing all you can, here is your applause. You are so greatly appreciated. Please and I’m begging please keep on fighting the good fight. It’s much easier to pass the day with an open heart than a hardened one. My prayers are with us all. 

Used (the hearts & soul edition)

One of the hardest emotional pains to overcome is the feeling of being used. To be used you have an open for a certain someone or someone’s and they would have disappointed

 you in a painful way. When you are deceived trust and respect are lost. Every time you are deceived it makes it harder and harder to trust and open up again right? A  classic defense line I’ve heard an individual use in their defense of being called a user is “what would I even used them for? They don’t have anything.” Well Sherlock you could used an individual for their precious time. To me my time is as valuable as my money. 

I decided I want to leave this topic open and return back to it at another time but I’d like my readers to think about a few things. Have you ever used someone? Have you ever gotten something from someone and lied to get it? Pretended you liked someone to get something they had, information they knew or to get close to someone they knew? Lied to not hurt someone’s feelings? Hung out with an individual because of their social status? Now my next question is a bit deeper. Have you lied to someone and they lied back & you got angry? Just a few questions to think about until my next post. Hoping everyone’s day goes as they need it to.