Team Love

People are divided in so many ways and it’s become more evident that communities have had to make an effort to get along. Race, gender, religion, politics and sexual preference are a few of the hottest topics that divide humanity on a daily basis. So it’s awesome to see any reason to bring humanity together and especially for reasons other than tragedy. 

Today the focus is spreading love. The trend is being called; “team love.” Team love focuses on spreading love in the world by spreading positivity and offering kind words instead of hate. Compassion instead of anger and words of hope where there isn’t any hope left. It’s so beautiful to see humanity make an effort to spread positivity. 

Words into action…..

Since we all love in different ways, what is love to you? Some show their love financially while others may offer kind words or quotes. Others may be more hands on or harsh and honest as they believe that the truth grows people, to these people love is honest reality. 

What are your thoughts on the actions needed to be considered showing love for humanity? This question brought me back to fonder memories of my youth when communities knew each other by first, last name and address. People could keep their front doors unlocked or give a key to a neighbor. A time where best friends were welcome in their friends home even when their friend wasn’t present. A community of humans that weren’t afraid of each other. Love to me is about freedom to be yourself, asking questions without reprimand and an acceptence that we are different and that’s ok! Love isn’t afraid of well anything! Right? Love is when even in your worst moments there is always someone there to comfort you in times of need. Today’s team love trend could be the beginning for society to be more conscious of their actions and do their part to bring back some of those community values. We cannot save our world without starting in our homes and communities. When one of us succeeds we all succeed! Be a good human and spread love! Happy Friday.


Living for today

imageToday I decided that I would continue what I set to do many years before. I had once made grand plans to do everything! I planned to conquer the world but instead the world managed to conquer me back. I got set back but only by myself. I cannot blame the world because it was only doing its job. I did it! I failed me.

Now today I have decided to amend those dream and conquer the world and achieve my goals. Some of my prior dreams have died but all of my core goals are still alive and on fire. My body and mind are older and I am more discouraged now because I now think of the time it will take and the time I already wasted. This time I will have more responsibilities to bear while I persue my dreams. The heartbreak and failures of my past threaten me and continuously remind me that I have tried this before and it never works out for me in the end. However today I believe. I saw the ending and I saw success! I saw the plan to make me successful. How? My first goal is to plan and not just stumble through like I have in the past. Next is being still. Why? Well with my previous dreams I relied on others wether for company or for general happiness and when this failed I also failed. This ending only involves me and my Lord and savior of course, so this time I cannot lose. Today is the first day I’m living life for me only.